Cookie Dough Creations: The original edible raw cookie dough since 1994 in a wide variety of gourmet desserts. You heard right! Rich, gooey cookie dough, just like mom used to make (made without eggs so it’s safe to eat). This stuff is serious.

The original edible raw cookie dough since 1994. Rich, gooey cookie dough, just like mom used to make (made without eggs so it’s safe to eat). This stuff is serious. 8 doughlicious flavors to choose from. What are you waiting for? Be Bad. EAT IT RAW!!

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Cool your cravings and choose from 16 frosty flavors.

While creamy Vanilla and Chocolate top the list, 14 remaining flavors, from classic Mint Chip to colorful Superman, will not disappoint the indecisive ice cream connoisseur.


These cookies aren’t for wimps. We take great pride in our traditional Midwestern recipes. Each cookie is a full 4 ounces, made with real butter, high quality chocolates and sugars, mixed fresh and scooped by hand every day in our local Naperville store. These are Mom and Pop cookies – simple, natural, delicious, packed full of stuff that’s good for the dessert lover’s soul.

Dough Bites

Dough Bites

Have you ever heard of a cake pop? Well, replace the crumbly cake with creamy cookie dough and you have yourself a dough bite! Chocolate chip cookie dough balls dipped in milk chocolate and topped with sprinkles.

No spoons required!

Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Ok, hold the phone. What? Yes folks, it’s a wallop of cookie dough sandwiched between two of our giant homemade cookies. It’s not for the faint of heart, and definitely shareable. It’s also worth the risk. Choose from 6 types of cookies and 8 flavors of dough to make your dream sandwich come true.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Have a craving for ice cream but want to skip the spoon and cup? Go for the sandwich! Choose from 6 types of our giant homemade cookies and 16 flavors of ice cream. It’s true, you CAN have your ice cream and eat it too.

Cookie Dough Shakes

Ice Cream

We don’t call ourselves Cookie Dough Creations for no reason. The average shake has been transformed into an amazing custom treat. Choose from 16 different flavors of ice cream, and 8 different flavors of cookie dough. Blended together creates a chillingly sweet surprise.

Ice Cream Cakes

What’s better than an ice cream cake? One that is layered with raw cookie dough, of course! The ice cream and dough flavors are yours to combine. Choose from 16 flavors of ice cream and 8 flavors of cookie dough. Our cakes are custom made to satisfy your own combination creation!

Cookie Cakes

These are NOT your typical giant cookie cakes. You don’t simply slice these monsters, you cut into them! They are fluffy, thick cookie cakes that will outweigh their retail competitors in any match-up. Simply delicious and custom decorated.